Our Newest Sponsors New Location

Florida Exotic Car rentals has opened up another exotic car rental service In Orlando and is throwing a big party for all the sponsors and the people who are in this team so we red bottom shoes invites you to dress nice and enjoy the accession we will be going out on and having cocktails and drinks all on the house we wish for the business to be prosperous and enjoyed by many, we also will be doing raffles for 2 day exotic car rentals for any car of your choice under 1k per day rental, so bring your check books tickets will be $5 per ticket and the cars are extravagant

So don’t wait to long this event is very soon and we wish you the best of both worlds

Enjoy the event and live a little

if you would like to support the even you can check out Orlando Exotic Car Rentals page and let them know what you think about them.

Bring your red bottom shoes and bring your boyfriend or husband and lets party…

We will be supplying all the drinks music, entertainment, dj’s admission is 30 per person, we wish to raise quarter million to get solar power over there and train technicians to repair and install solar systems in villages without electricity so that they can enjoy the benefit it has to offer we wish to install a mega unit in each village to provide electricity to the village so that they might have light at night and have some of the basic home appliances like a refrigerator to store fruit and cold water in.

Thank you for your love and support Orlando Exotic Car rentals and all of our proud sponsor for reaching out and helping others in other countries

if you would like to rent an exotic car rental for this even all the money will be going to this projects to why not check out the link below and let us know what car you would wish to have delivered to Orlando.

Orlando Exotic Car Rentals 






Meet Our New Sponsors

Garrod painting is a for most experienced painter in florida and he has agreed to sponsor us along with Fort Lauderdale exotic cars so we appreciate the help and the support that our local company’s have made for women in florida and we truly appreciate the help and support from these great businesses and great men that help woman.

As a token of our gratitude we would like to dedicate this post to Garrod Painting to help them grow out there business and thank them for there generosity and kindness that they have lend out a hand to help the struggling women and children in the state of florida if you would like to know more about Garrod painting and what they can do for you click here to go to there website and possibly book an appointment with brad for your next project

Our New Sponsor

Thank you Exotic car rental fort lauderdale for helping us out generously each year and we are sorry that we did not give you the credit you deserve

Fort Lauderdale Exotic Car rentals showed up at our even and gave out rides for money to rase money for our charity in order to ride the car you needed to donate $100 and you would get the experience of a lifetime since not everyone can say hey I have actually driven a Super car so thank you for making that happen and thank your for everyone that came and enjoyed the opening with us

A big thanks goes out to Fort Lauderdale Exotic Car rentals for raising $2,300 for us during the event

If you would like to rent a super car from them click the link bellow to check out there fleet